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330s Remap?


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Hi , Going to pick up a 2009 Impreza 330s and know of some of the engine issues that some had . Ringland failier etc and wondered weather it would be worth getting it mapped or at least checked?

If so where would you recommend? Located near Gatwick but willing to travel.



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You should be ok from standard -  the ringland failure happened to standard STI's the Type UK version had the prodrive kit dealers mods which included an ECU remap to take it to 330 bhp and included the revised parameters to avoid this situation. The 330 you are looking at will have had this done from the start so should be all fine, as Pete suggested check the history and enjoy

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If you want the car checked out give http://www.jollygreenmonster.co.uk/

a call. He maps a lot of the Surrey Scoobies and South East Scoobies members cars. Very good reputation and he offers a mobile service. Although meeting at


is a good idea.

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Also what the JGM map will give you are options that can be activated that are not standard as you will have a drive by wire throttle


fun things like


Flat foot shifting

Launch control

Downshift throttle blip

and anti lag



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