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1995 impreza type ra breaking


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 1995 impreza wrx type RA

 Located in Leighton buzzard 

Will not strip anything till engine is sold

 Do not ask me how much for the full car if you want to buy it come see it and make a offer


Engine 87k kms £600

 Exedy hyper single clutch and flywheel £600

 Gear box £250

 Cusco coilovers £500

 Strut braces £50 each

 Cusco lower brace £50

 Exhaust manifold £150

 Exhaust turbo back £200

 Td05 turbo £150

 Interior £150

 Blitz boost controller £200

 Intercooler and pipes £200

 Wheels £200

 Spoiler £100

 Boot £40

 Wings £30 each

 Bonnet £50

 Bumpers £40 each

 Anything else ask








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ok so my 2p


- you come on a subaru forum breaking a subaru - not just any bog standard but an RA, then you specifically state, dont ask me for a price for the car come and see it and make me an offer


sorry but you need to give your head a shake


the majority of the members on this site - and I stand to be corrected, would prefer to see a car remain intact so I would suggest a better approach would be to start with a price for the complete car and suggest that breaking may be the next stage if a complete sale is not achieved.


If you buy a car with the sole intention of making money off it, why dont you buy an appreciating classic and hold onto it or revert this one to standard and have it also as an appreciating classic - speculate to accumulate.


what is the number of this RA - as I understand it only 1000 were made??

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ive had it up forsale everywhere, know one wants to give me decent money for it so id rather make the money off it stripping it. 

have spent enough rebuilding the engine for people to say its not worth anything so i need to get my money back and this is the only way i see how i can do it.

with out sounding a !Removed! if people on the forum are really bothered about it being stripped then someone can come see the car and give me a decent amount of cash for it otherwise il pull it apart and weigh it in

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Putting money into cars always carries the risk of not getting a financial return and when selling something you will always get people starting negotiations at a low amount.


What exactly do you consider "a decent amount of cash"?


and what number RA is it?

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I sold my track/road car when I got my scooby!! The amount I got was pittance, in relation to what I had spent in the last ten years owning/building ιt! Couldn't bear to break ιt, the money that had been spent on my scooby was ridiculous when I got ιt ɑnd ιt was a bargain!

That's The problem with cars! You never get back what you put in!

Nice scooby there!! be a Shame to see ιt broken

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