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spark plugs


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Been reading that if you remove air box from n/s and washer bottle from o/s you can just about reach them with a small drive socket.

Mechanic i use does loosen the mounts and lifts either side to reach, i've been told you can change the rocker gaskets this way too leving the motor in.

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i do the same as the nabove post. tho i dont have an air box coz of the induction kit so on less wory. then remove the water bottle. and use a normal plug socet with a short extention. but remember to just loosen the plugs and not try to ratchet them right out as it wont clear the chassis leg. just loosen it a good couple of turns then take off the ratchet and use your hand.  and screw it out..... (gambit ) :D . you should be able to do it in less the 20 odd mins. tho not sure if you have the same clearence on the newr models

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Hi guys, im running a few days behind haha,


i recenlty changed the plugs on my classic, i didnt loosen the mounts just took out the airbox and the washer bottle then it was pretty much like above. it did take about 40 mins for my first time as i tried to ratchet one all the way out and got they thing stuck to the chassis :) 

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