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New to Subaru, not to the scene.


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Hi everyone, My name is Martin, AKA Skifle.


I have been in the jap car scene since around 2009 when I owned my first FC3S RX7 and stumbled across the tunnel run club Missbanzai.


I'm based in Romford, Essex and currently own 2 FC RX7s and a MK1 MX5, one of the FCs is quite rotten and will be getting its 13BT engine stuck into the MX5, the other is an EGi and will be welded on to fight another day, when I find the time to do it that is.


I'm not on here to talk Mazda, obviously, the girlfriend and I are looking at changing her car (04 Fiesta Zetec S) for something a bit bigger now we have two dogs to ferry around, it has to be estate, it has to fit two dogs in the boot, it has to fit in at car shows and show the Honda Civic boys who's boss.


So this narrows it to a choice of the following...


2003 - 2007 Honda Accord Type-S - 2.4 VTEC yo, FWD, big boot, only petrol ones are auto.

2002 - 2008 Mazda 6 Sport - 2.3, AWD, big boot, mainly auto.

Mitsubishi Legnum/Galant - 2.5 Twin turbo, AWD, Huge boot, mainly auto

Nissan Avenir - 2.0 SR20 Engine, AWD, Huge boot, rare as rocking horse ****

Subaru Forester - 2 versions, the XT and the STi, both huge boots, one faster than the other, cant see any semi autos, manuals are a bit more common.

Subaru Legacy - either a GTB or the R Spec B.


Basically, I need a hand deciding which, I want power, I want manual, I want it to look good and stand out in a crowd in a good way, I want Funvee not Humdrumvee!


*EDIT* Budget of £3000 plus the fiesta which is worth about the same again. So probably £6000 unless someone knows of anyone that wants a fiesta as P/X. *EDIT*

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Wotcha and welcome - there is an wagon Impreza - this one is not exactly a shrinking violet ;)




This Fozzie is slightly more subtle but will still haul when it needs to




More room but impreza type drive go for the Legacy R Spec B

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

Nice list of car's you have and are looking at :) As for the Legacy's we have some of the countrys finest on here with Tlag Bip Adam and Fruity for advice. But if I was getting any it would be the B spec :)

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