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Not a happy chap


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Wasn't buying anything for my wagon till after Xmas period. ( payday nye !) but a mate text me a link to some good tein coils not a million miles away ending soon at 175 starting bid , hit 200 as a punt thinking I would be outbid but won ..... 185.01 !!

Collection only so Thursday morning 20 mins after it ended messaged saying when can I collect in free anytime over weekend and heading that way Friday and Monday so any time that's good let me know and gave my mobile number

Nothing back

Sent a reply note late last night saying I need to do some stuff this weekend so let me know ASAP so we can get it sorted

Nothing .....

Today at lunch I sent a 3rd message saying I'm only free later about. 4 as I'm passing or Sunday all day

Finally a reply !!!!

" look stop messaging me I'm not selling em for 185 so u got no chance , I will relist em laters and u can rebid "

I saw red

Why did you list them at that start price ? If you wanted a certain price why didn't you say and I might of hit buy I now anyway

Reply ( in about. 2 mins )

" come with 450 tonight they yours "

Reply :

!Removed! off if they were mint maybe you would got better bids but learn to spell you gretin and a better advert you would of had interest ? Maybe you was mollested as a teenager by your English teacher ?? I'm reporting you to eBay anyway under standard terms and conditions

Not had anything back yet but don't look like I'm getting them


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frustrating - clearly the chap was a moron, if you dont put a reserve on or a higher starting price its your own fault. Looks like he was trying to keep the listing cost as low as possible


would be terrible if he re-lists it and gets a really high winning bid and the buyer drops out  :ph34r: 

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Sounds like a pleb to me. I would report him to eBay anyway I'm sure as a seller they will remove his account it states it's a binding contract when you list stuff. And as Jay said he should have reserved them. And why does he think he will get that for a collection only item. Hell I know anything I sell if it's pick up only doesn't sell for the same amount as a postage item :(

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Haha i'm laughing at your reply not your situation.

What a bell end you can only hope your plea is heard by the bay. Can they see your messages you have sent to strengthen your case ? At the end of the day hes broken the terms of the contract you both entered !

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