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Back on the Road!


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The GT-B has been SORN for about a year.  The head gaskets have failed and a year ago I took it off the road with the plan to do the work "next month".  However, a whole string of problems mostly with work resulted in the work never being done   :(


A few weeks ago I decided it was time to do something with the car as it was just rotting away on the driveway.  So after buying a some new fuel-lines as the old ones had cracked, fitting them and another few jobs, the car went for an MOT yesterday and I'm please to say it passed.  It was close on the emissions as it was right on the boarder-line (only one of the two cats are fitted), but after three or four goes it got through.  Taxed it on-line and all is good.


Stanton500 came round this morning to buy some Impreza seats from me, so as soon as he left I went directly to the petrol station and treated it to a full tank of 99RON.  It still needs a good clean but alas that will have to wait for a while as I don't have the time, but overall I'm a happy bunny at the moment :)


The head gaskets still need fixing but as long as I stay off boost there isn't a problem.  I just need to hold myself back until the job is done.  I am saving hard, so hopefully by Spring time I will be able to take her to TAG Motors in Coventry so Bip and Tlag can work their magic.  The plan is to have her back on the Nurburgring by the end of May  :D



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I agree with Jay good time scale to aim for. And nice job with the MOT I have mine next month :(

And what better place to go after having it fully repaired than the Ring :D Kudos


And did Stanton500 show you his legs he has sexy legs ;) 

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