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steam cleaning


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They are sat at work at the mo so i may attack them monday. Give them time to dry over christmas fit on friday when back at work :-)

Thinking anout sticking them in me van and taking hem to the local hand car wash see if they can do them with valeting machine

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This topic seems to have taken a very dark turn??


Using a proper upholstery cleaner might work, once cleaned with some elbow grease. put a stack of towels on it and sit down on them for a few minutes, use plenty of towels because you won't feel your !Removed! getting wet until its too late.


Problem with steam on its own is if you can't dry the seats out quickly enough you can get mildew forming in the foam and it'll stink forever, proper cleaners have mold suppressant.


Foam cleaners tend to be the best as they don't make things as wet


this might help too - http://www.carcleaningguru.com/videos/

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