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New Member service musts ??


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Ok just got myself an Impreza been in2 drift cars mostly but as I'm a proud dad now I thought I should grow up a bit so got myself o spotless 2005 Wrx Impreza

Can any1 tell me what I should get done as there is a limited service history if the condition is anything to go by its been very well looked after

it has 83k on the clock

So what oil do you recommend

Has these got timing chains r belts

Diff oils ?

and what ever else you can think of would like to get a service history built up for this car

Thanks for any reply's

not sure if it worked but put a few pics of her let me know wat you think cheers




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Wotcha and welcome - great looking vehicle you have there




These cars have belts normally good for 40K - various types available for replacement, the branded kevlar ones being the most expensive


oil - this one is always up for discussion but I would go for a fully synthetic API JASO spec  5W 40


as we have a forum discount through Opie Oils you could check with OILMAN (Tim) and get his opinion, not today though as it is his Birthday and he may be a little delicate ;)


check standard stuff like air filter, plugs, brake pads and consider flushing the brake lines through with fesh DOT 5.1 fluid

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Only real thing is keep all the fluids checked up on if you drive it a lot like coolants and oils. it doesn't hurt as I'm sure you know with the Nissan to do regular oil changes and filter. And let her warm up and cool down after driving her hard. I look at them like an Ex girlfriend I once had good looking high maintenance and needy. But put's a smile on my face ;) 

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5w40 is a good call on the oil.

If you don't know the cambelt history at all, it's worth changing for peace of mind. However, if you look at the cambelt plastic covers, it's only three easy to get to bolts to remove the near side cover. Take it off and using a spanner on the crank, turn the cambelt one full rotation. When you find the writing on the belt, it should be easy to see. If it's almost worn off or difficult to read due to wear, change the belt. If it's really easy to read and bright, it's probably been done recently.

Obviously do the oil filter and air filter. Don't get an air filter that needs oiling. They ruin the MAF over time.

If the brake fluid is not transparent any more, change that for 5.1.

Look at the oil on the gearbox dipstick. If it's really see through and obviously red, leave it alone. If it's red-brown and

/or smells rancid, change it and the rear diff fluid.

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I agree with the ex reference lol have 1 of them at the minute lol oj

over the xmas hols while I have the time im gonn a give it all a good look over fluids and anything else so must get a check list wrote


great advise m8 with the cam belt will do as soon as was gonna do the brake fluid anyway and cheers on clearing up the oil lol

so many different opinions on that 1 I hav a long K&N air filter so that's fine

bare with me im a bit thick were can I find the gearbox dipstick m8   

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