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Hey new impreza owner (thoughts plz)


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Just got myself a 2005 blobeye wrx

Used to be in2 my Nissan 200sx (still am) but as im now a proud father I had 2 get something more practical the misses doesn't think it is but it has 4 doors so in my eyes its a family car lol

Anyway heres a quick spec


Baileys dump valve

18" Rota Grids

K&N long arm induction

Aftermarket Full exhaust (not Sure of brand could be japspeed)

I would like to some more nice subtle mods and maybe some more power

Any input or thoughts are more than welcome heres a few pics

I'll get more up asap

Oh the last pic is wat I had b4 the impreza now do u think im going in the rite direction ;-)




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My 1st mod when I bought mine was Subaru dust caps  :lol: I bought them before I bought the car ;) 

I like the fog covers just don't like the cost of them but think they look better covered. And I'm a window tint type of guy. You never know who you might get in the back seat ;) But helps to hide the mess from the kids :D 

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yes def agree with the fog covers but the price is madness :o

and yes again I agree with the window tints that's near top of my list

I just opened a new thread in the junk room on PAUL WALKER go hav a look wud lik to get as many replies and views as poss


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