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help lol


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just blown engine in my subaru classic uk model 1999 so bought a engine out of a n reg import getting told the only thing i would have to do is swop inlet manifolds and will fit straight in only  problem is my inlet manifiold does not fit would it fit with the import one and every thing match up any help much appreciated cheers 

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Your 99 would have a phase 2 inlet so fitting the earlier phase 1 can be done but wouldn't be a straight fit . you'd need to possibly switch a few auxiliaries (icv power steering pump ect) and one of these kits


99 to 2002 (anything with a phase 2 inlet /fuel rails) engine would be a straight manifold swop and fit . You'll probably need a remap as well if the engine's outta anything other than a 99 to 00 uk turbo due to turbo ,injector and cam differences (if fitting the whole engine)

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No probs gambit

Looking at my post this morning (now im not !Removed! )The only thing that I'm not 100% sure about is whether a newage engine would be a straight fit (as I don't know when the fuel rails/inlet changed from phase 2 to top feed/newage) .A cross reference the inlet manifold gaskets part numbers should tell you (if their the same it should fit) .Otherwise any 99 /00 (v5/v6) engine would definitely fit ;-)

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