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Rattling Heat Shield


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Very common problem on older and high mileage subarus.

Reasonably easy to cure but can take some time if lots of the cover bolts are siezed & need trimming off with grinder/dremmel.

Main dealer can be silly money on these issues so seek out a good independant if you don't get dirty yourself.

Basically you need remove offending sections, mainly the mesh vibration pads in the c-clamps become loose with age & adding a layer of heat wrap ribbon to the c-clamps normally resolves the issues.

On the Y section adding a tack weld between the vertival covers off the manifold to the horizontal ones can also make things a lot better but you best sorting out the clamps first as with that little extra effort it cured in one hit & for a long time too.

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If its in a real state then taking it off could be best option, just reviving the c-clamps on the covers & general tweek over & stitch welding on front Y pipe has them rattle free for years to come. Have done a few including the 2 I own & the 03 SG I bought recently was a right rattling mess & one of a few minor reasons it was for sale, took about 3hrs using a pit (not so much fun on your back) to do a good job on it but all bolts came off covers without cutting. Stitch welded y-covers together at front as best really long term & now rattle free ... Have a couple of regular subarus in for servicing that been done like this & been fine for almost 3yrs now. Does work but needs doing right or you back at it chasing the next point to rattle.

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