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Sports cat remap


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Hi guys , a quick one for you, do you need a remap if you swap your standard downpipe for a sports cat, now I know a de-cat would require a map to sort out the glueing and spooling issues but is a sports cat as bad.

I have a version 4 STI.


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It is not a standard exhaust, it is SS all the way to the down pip, with the un silenced mid section , sounds phenomenal but my standard downpipe has cracked and won't pass the MOT end of the month, don't want a decat and can't find a second hand original down pipe.

Thank you.

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I fitted a sti tmic,  cobra bell mouth sports cat and a k&n panel filter to my v3 uk turbo without a remap and had no issues with driveability or mot emissions for 4k miles until I got a esl remap . The classic ecu seems to be lenient enough (or makes minor adjustments to fuelling itself) but I would recommend considering a remap as you'd find quite a substantial increase in power , driveability and maybe even better mpg      

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