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Autoguard Tyres?

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Hi All,


Just collected my 2010 Forester DX and the dealer has fitted four new tyres as part of the service / MOT agreed with the sale.


I'm guessing the original tyres were Bridgestone Duellers (the full size steel spare has one fitted) and had lasted 43k miles.


I hadn't expected them to replace the tyres as I'd negotiated based on the low tread of the originals so at first I was quite pleased... 


However, they have fitted four Autoguard SA602 tyres which I'd never heard of - a bit of digging via Google indicates they are a budget brand with not the best feedback.


Has anyone any experience of these tyres?   I'm thinking of changing them for a better brand as I've never believed in cheap tyres but I'd welcome any feedback.




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Thanks for the comments - I'm prob going to change them. From what I can make out they are about £40 each fitted and although correctly sized and rated for the vehicle I like decent quality tyres as only the four small patches of rubber hold you to the road.

I'm taking it in to the dealer this afternoon to collect the mats and boot liner that were free (lol) with the deal but on back order and whilst I'm there get the service guys to stick it on a ramp as there is a 'hot brake lining smell' after driving which I'll get them to check out - it may even be overspray from their enthusiastic valeting ...

I mentioned the tyres to the service manager on the phone and he agreed they are false economy - I'd rather they gave me the £30 a corner or whatever they paid to put towards a set of Yokohamas or Bridgestones.

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Got a call back this morning with the expected "we only fit tyres with the correct rating and we think they are ok" comment to cover their backs - but they have offered to give me the full price of the four Autoguards towards whatever tyres I want to fit so that seems like a good result.


They have also given me a free boot load liner in addition to the fitted floor mats I negotiated so I'm pleased with that result.  B)

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my mate got Autoguards fitted to his car, he's had a slow puncture from day 1 but never taken it back to get it investigated so could just be a dodgy valve.
with it being soft most of the time though, it doesn't seem to be knocking the tread out too quickly.

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I now have a set of new tyres fitted - sales director apologised for for the problem and agreed they should have given me the option to pay extra for some decent tyres.


They arranged for me to go in to the tyre place they use yesterday and get the Autoguards taken off - the sales guy then collected them to take back to the dealer for them to use in the future I guess for someone less fussy.


Its now got four Bridgestone Dueller H/T 684 tyres which are the ones made for the Forester and replace the H/T 687 that is on the spare.


I'm waiting to hear if I need to make a contribution towards the cost and need to collect the Subaru roof bars which I had ordered as part of the deal.


Getting sorted - need to clean it and take some photos now lol.

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