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Turning an aspirated engine in a turbocharged one


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   Hello everyone.I own a 2006 Subaru Forester 2.0X(european version/158hp)naturally aspirated.I am curious if i can turn my aspirated engine in a turbo one.The EJ20 which is mounted on 2006 X,is also in turbo boosted edition on 2003-2005 Forester or on the 'Bugeye" Impreza.I want to know if I can make an engine swap ,mounting an EJ20turbo on my car,or if I can make my own engine turbo.

   If I will try to modify my engine,which parts I should change,and how much it will cost(approximate price).I am not sure if I must change my transmission or the gearbox,taking in consideration that the power of the turbo engine is bigger than the aspirated's one.

  Sadly,my engine has around 250.000 km(155.000 miles) on it.I would try to reconditionate it,but I'm worried that if it will get serious damages after my turbo conversion(It won't resist too much).


Thank you in advance for your answers.

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I would say the engine swap would be the easiest way than building your's into a turbo engine at least it was built to take the turbo that's how I look at it anyway. I think the EJ20 would fit but wiring loom would need changing too I believe, but don't hold me to that someone might know better than me. and be able to give better advice than me :)

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As Gambit says. The easiest route is to replace the whole engine. You would need different heads anyway and with your engine having so many miles on it, it would be easier.


You will need the wiring loom, ecu, solenoid sytem that controls the turbo and of course the turbo itself, exhaust manifold, exhaust sytem.


If you could get an accident damaged Impreza turbo, the easiest way is to swap everything from the Impreza.


The cheapest way to do this is to sell your car and buy a turbo forester. You then just need to get it mapped to get it up to impreza power.

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