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looking for advice


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hi ive got a 97 impreza clasic i had it two years now and never given me trouble regulary serviced but its now using gearbox oil excesively two litres on a 400 mile motorway run i have pulled the engine out as the clutch needs replacing but all the bell housing is soaking wet with oil and the only place i can see where it maybe coming from is where the input shaft is is there an internal seal in there that would of gone if so how hard is it to replace thanks marc .

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cheers for that i will ive had another look at it today and there is movement on the input shaft so im guessing there is a bearing in the casing thats warn too so looks like i got to try and find some sort of manual that covers it need to at least av a look at what im heading into 

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In luck I do have some workshop manuals for your year,  hope it has what you are looking for in it  :D just have to remember how I uploaded them now ;)

Uploading them now to My Drive. I have the worlds worst upload speed so I would guess be late tonight or tomorrow before it's available but will PM you a link. I have sent them to the owner to link for everyone but no joy as yet :(

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Sometimes gambit I think you need ......

"A check up from the neck up " lol

as for gearboxes not my forte im afraid .

i would think your right with the imput shaft having a bearing and seal but,not have taken one apart before myself , I can't help much .

I would suggest you change the spigot bearing (in the middle of the fly wheel) especially if there's play in the imput shaft .

also get your flywheel skimmed before fitting a new clutch as if there not 100% true they're prone to cause judder when fitting a new clutch .

here's a link to some pdf transmission manuals


although they're pre 97 the ty52 non dccd boxes are pretty much the same , appart from the jdm having a different ratio to the 3.45 uk turbo box .

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if bein crazy is the best way then im ok lol thankyou all for your help with i will get into the mode and get it on the bench and have a look been a rough week this week but will let you know how i get on cheers marc 

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