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Paint Code Location?


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Just as it was starting to get dark (I know  :rolleyes: ) I decided to try and find out the paint code for my Forester. Google'd where I could find it - ah ha, on the driver's door pillar...easy I thought.


So out I went....no sign....only info there related to tyres and airbags.


Anybody able to tell me where I can find it please, or better still, know what it is for my 2-tone Fozza?



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How much do you need ?

Could alwaystry subaru dealer for one of those little touch up stick things ?

Halfords can make paint up with the paint code either little pots or rattle cans. Just be careful i found the data base they use to be incorrect.

They kept trying to tell me the paint code for my mazda was the correct one even though it was different to the one on the vin.

Ended up taking a picture in with me to get the correct paint

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Safe to say with your's Stanton I'm at a lose with it :D


The VIN of a Japanese import always has fewer than 17 characters. The World Identifier will always be omitted and will often begin with the model type.

Here is an example of a Mitsubishi Shogun VIN and its Japanese import counterpart, the Pajero. In this example the World Identifier of ‘JMA’ is not used on the Pajero and the VIN starts with the model type:

Shogun – JMAL049GWJJ000001 (UK)
Pajero – L049-000001 (Import)

Even on models that share the same name, the VIN is always this way to confirm the vehicle is a Japanese import. This example is from a Toyota Celica:

Celica (ST205) – JT164STL500000001 (UK)
Celica – ST205-000001 (Import)

Japanese import VIN lengths can vary between 10 and 14 characters. The Celica example above is from the ST205 model type; this is more apparent in the Japanese import VIN as it starts with ST205. Model codes are always needed in addition to the VIN to identify the correct components; our research shows that although many Japanese imports physically look the same as vehicles intended to be sold in the UK, many models have significant differences in the components used.

On Japanese imports, the model code is situated underneath the VIN on the chassis plate and takes the following format:

ST205-PQRRS (The letters on the end vary depending on the exact model.)

While the VIN and model code are vital in ensuring that you receive the correct parts, finding the code in the first place can prove to be a challenge even to the most experienced Japanese grey import specialists!


Right I think your vin number is  :D



S= Forester 

F = (Fuji heavy Ind)

5= XT

year 09/02/1998

so would make sense with less info in the vin number to be printed in other places :)

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Hi where dis you come across the code/colour info from ?

I'm taking my scoop in for painting tomorrow and already told them it's

COLOR CODE: SUBARU-W2/6W2/8W2 (64C) TWO TONE This is an actual color of your vehicle. More details...Color Code: W2/6W2/8W2 (Two Tone)Color Description: Acadia Green Metallic

Which to be fair is pretty spot on as my car is metalic. Do you habe any pics of the other colour ?

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