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Hi all,


I've recently just acquired my second UK turbo after owning my first about 5 or 6 years ago, which I had to sell to get a mortgage deposit together! bad times!


But finally I'm back in the land of Subaru and once more enjoying the boxer rumble!


I'll post some pics of my old car and the new one asap!

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Ahh thanks bud! I haven't but I will join up in that case, nice to find some local enthusiasts too :)


And some fairly ropey photos of my car:







And one frosty morning showing the newly fitted KC Daylighter lower lamp covers. 

Not to everyone's taste but they make me smile and after whapping a hole through a lense previously and knowing they're not all that cheap to replace they're functional too! :)




It's a completely standard UK turbo, save for the Prodrive backbox and earlier Nardi gearknob.

It does want a few little things sorting but I'll just enjoy doing the little jobs as I get chance :)


I'll give the car a wash and get some better quality pics up.

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Mephiston, Gambit, Miggs,


Thanks for the positive comments, fellas!


Actually I thought I might get slated for the light covers! :lol:


I did see a set of PIAA covers but they're so serious!  I think the KC covers are just a little comical without being totally daft! 

Ahh, throwbacks to seeing various Tamiya models in the (Kays?) catalogues years ago and wishing and wanting, all the buggies seemed to have yellow KC 'smiley' light covers :) Frog, Grasshopper 1 etc!


I did think about sticking a small Tamiya twin star sticker at the top of the rear window but not really sure on that one, oh well!


And again, such a friendly website, makes a change! I recently signed up to PH and well, it's not quite so friendly, but never mind :)

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No slagging people's car on here mate :)

And the last time I remember seeing smiles on a car was on a done up XR2 was all in black with a monster energy green with the same colour smiles on the spotties. God that was many years ago now I remember I always wanted that car :D

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