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Hello. New user first topic here I go! 


Ive been a fan of the brand for a long time and I decided to join this forum because Im thinking about buying a Subaru. I was living in London for a while about three years ago.

Im Bulgarian and now Im back in Bulgaria. 

Im looking for a Subaru Impreza  wrx (2001/2002 or 2003) witch I can take to Bulgaria with me on a platform or a truck.

So my question Is am I going to find one for about 2000GBP? Without tax and mot whould be fine but must be running and also Im looking for a stock engine. The more addons It has the better like high spoiler, after market exhaust or a front inter cooler. Because Ill be looking to bay those later anyway.


Take care.



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Thanks for all of the replies.

Ive been watching different cites and prices ware a lot lower last summer. 

Strange but i hope this summer i can find something for around that price cuz i dont look forward buyin bmw 320i 2003/2004.


Also can someone tell me what do I need to look out for In that type of car when Im buying it? Talking about the Subaru.

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