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2004 wagon


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2 days of ownership (Silver 04 WRX wagon) post-1905-0-25823900-1390463597_thumb.jpand loving it. I havent had a good look round engine bay yet but it seems standard apart from a pro drive exhaust and a Bailey blow off valve. Its dark when I leave and get home so will have a good look round at weekend. So far as advertised with no unwanted noises and no smoke. Believe these are 225 bhp standard, nothing to compare it with as Ive always had diesels but it feels quick to me and sounds great when you put your boot down. Problem I've found is you dont realise how fast youre going!! Anyhow names Jim and from just south of Dundee in Fife. Looking forward to the banter and useful info. first question would be tyre choice as there is a bulge in the sidewall of rear n/side, but I will have a trawl through the other forums and no doubt find what you guys recommend (anyone tried Haida?).

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Wotcha and welcome Jim - thats a tidy machine you have there, very nice, tyre choice are somewhat dependant on how you drive and what condition you will be driving in. We are fortunate in that we have quite a few members from Scotland who may be able to offer their own preference based on experience.


I myself opt for continental Sport Contact 3's - however I have used Yokohamas, Hankooks and Toyo's in the past with no issues but the Conti's I thought gave better wet surface grip over Toyo's


If I remember correctly ScottishTaffy (after the annual Highland run) highly recommended Goodyear Eagles

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