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Hello everyone <Possible new subaru owner needs some advice please.


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Hello everyone. 


I'm James and i'm looking in to buying my first Subaru Impreza either a cheap 2.0 GL or STI non turbo to save a little bit of fuel each trip :)


But before i dive in and purchess my first one i was wondering (Google could'nt help me) if it is possible to adjust the transfer box to allow for a 30-70 power output? Right now i'm in a twist weather to buy a Lexus IS200 or Nissan Skyline < i would prefer not to get the skyline tho. as they are nice sized family cars but can be some fun aswell.


I'm now looking in to buying a Subaru as im moving out in to the middle of nowhere and in the winter i will need an AWD car to get around but i would still like to have some fun in the wet or in a muddy field. 


Please help me decide im not looking for any thing fancy as my current budget with the move is around £500 give or take a few £££ if a turbo pops up cheap enough to warrent the extra fuel cost.


Sorry if this post is dragged out i'm suffering from sleep deprivation from my kids refusing to sleep at night and still waking up at 6am!


EDIT:Didnt relise facebook sign up added this picture!

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Hi mate and welcome

There is no such thing as a non turbo Sti , there are loads of na model replicas like a gl or a sport ! Sports out the factory look like a turbo model just without the bonnet scoop

All the parts are interchangeable so you can make a replica quite easy

Na skylines are awful mate , they truly are !

Is200 are very nice , I nearly got one a few times just very limited on power

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I doubt you would even get a skyline Shell for £500, probably the same for the IS to.

I would advise looking for an Impreza sport. A lot have Been made to look like sti's and with plenty around, you should be able to get one at the budget you have.

The DCCD system allows you to control power to the front/rear but the models with it are way above your budget.

You could go the route of modifying an Impreza to make it totally rear wheel drive, but it's not a cheap mod to do it properly.

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the IS200 sport is a nice car, got the VVTI engine which is fun but would be no use in snow, if you want power and 4 wheel drive the golf 4motion is a nice motor, i had one that i swapped for the impreza turbo i now have, they have a haldex 4 wheel drive system that only uses the rear wheels when needed but you can buy a blue haldex controller that will give you control over what the rear wheels do and when, they are a 2.8 V6 engine with 204 bhp, giving them a stepping on the loud pedal can make em thirsty but i could get good mpg's at 70mph in 6th on the motorway and driven sensible round town it was good on juice, they usually come with such extras as rain sensitive wipers and heated seats, if you were to look into them make sure it's had a clutch and flywheel within its last 50k as they are duel mass and cost a few quid just for the parts, they are quite bullet proof engines and run off timing chains rather than belts that don't usually require changing for over 100k, again this is an expensive job if it needs doing as it's engine out to do it, they can be heard easily when going as they rattle on the passenger side of the engine


as for the impreza, there is a member that was on here who lives on a steepish hill, he had a turbo impreza and never had issues in snow, he then got a corrolla front wheel drive to save money on fuel and had to park away from home in winter months as he could get up the hill if it snowed, he went back to an impreza and got the sport, a trip he did to his cousins in the turbo 1 way was a full tank, in the sport he could go both ways for half a tank so they are a big saving and still 4 wheels drive, the only differences are the bonnet as said, theres no anti roll bar at the back and the rear brakes are drums not discs, oh and the clutch is cable operated not hydraulic, although the sport has a hill catch feature, if you start rolling back on a hill the brakes automatically engage to make a hill start easier


either way welcome aboard, i'm currently searching for a new classic impreza so if i see a cheap one i will point you in that direction

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