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climate control instructions


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Anyone got a set of operation instructions for a my97/98 auto climate control unit ?

Found i had an eco setting the other day no idea what it does ? And because mine doesn't blow that cold i can be driving aound for ages with the ac on and not realise. It's doing my head in loked around but can't see any

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Yeah, i've been running it recently to see if there was anything in the system or the seals were dead. I pressed the valve in at the top and a quite large hiss came out so it must still be full just rubbish.

Never bothered me before but i'm not sure the baby will like sitting on a 70mph slipstream in the summer. I know someone who'll do it dirt cheap so if the seals go i'm not loosing anything

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i don't know if  your system is the same as mine MY06?


i can set the dails on Auto and then chose a temp like you do at home. the two dails with direction and AC can be set on auto too if you press and hold them for a couple seconds till the light flashes, now the system works fully automatic and can switch the AC on if needed.


to preserve your AC use it for some minutes (15?) every months to keep the seals lubricated. it's actually a good idea to have the AC on with a cold morning (heater on hot) to get rid of the damp on the windscreens quicly. i personally have it always on full automatic as i'm lazy :lol:

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Gambit, no worries. Bitman, my layouts a bit different to yours but i suspect it may work similar.

So if i hit auto depending on how cold or humid it is the ac comes on at start then goes off after a bit. Or vice versa with the heater to ac.

Not sure if going over a preset temp triggers it i'll investagate on way home.

Eco mode, still no idea but ac kicked in halfway through journey last night.

This morning i pressed mode which i presume just lets the air into cabin as the display shows, can control fans and temp independantly at this point. Blowers on floor mode 20.5 deg nice and toasty feet. Stop off to get paper restart and although still showing manual ac kicks in again ? ?

Most annoying as 90% of the time i drive with the window open even if it's just cracked a bit. So i either end up trying to heat/cool the outside world and burn more fuel than needed . Was gonna buy an owners manual from the bay. Got one for mazda a couple years back but all in rough translation cant remember site now :-(

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I have no knob ! (Insert childish joke) it's just a push button on/off ac for me. It still comes on even if i've not pushed auto ?

When putting the blowers to windscreen it comes on automatically and puts the fans up to three. Which is also anoying seeing as the controls are hidden by anything sat in the drinks holder

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