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Customized headlights

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Hello everyone, im not sure if its a problem on here but id like to offer my services to all of you :)


basically ive been modding Hyundai coupe headlights for the past 2 years and wanted to extend on to other makes and models


ive already done a set of  "blob eye" Subaru lights so thought I would see if there was anymore interest


My Facebook page is



here are some pictures of the Subaru lights I did


if you are interested, either message me on my facebook page or email me at customlightz@hotmail.com












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I've not really looked into them properly. If they are chrome inside I can spray them. Even if they where already black they could be made the same colour of the car. I also fit halo rings or LED strips but for the rings I would need the measurements and to take a look at where they could be mounted in the lights

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One thing I wanted to do to my classic impreza lights was fit a projector unit inside, you can buy aftermarket projectors off eBay and my idea was to paint the reflector black and just have an h4 hid in the projector, my cars currently dead but if you could work out how much roughly that would be I can bear it I'm mind if I manage to get another classic, I'd supply the projector bits it'd just be fitting, however this would be a massive custom job and I have no idea how the projector bits would secure

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If you was to supply the parts I would happily do this for you. I've seen the kits and they come with a mounting part on the back that screws in. I think they use a different bulb called mini h1s. If you wanted them black inside Iwould do this for 60 for you . If left chrome 50

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Hi and welcome to the forum, with the above picture i would say you asking to be pulled from police due to spraying the rear reflectors, also i believe it is an Mot Fail.


If you haven't sprayed them i apologise :) i just used tape over the reflector when i spray mine and then peel off and it leaves the reflector nice and clear. 

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oh no, you haven't come across funny, I can totally understand where your coming from, when I tinted the Hyundai lights I made sure they would still pass the mot but still look dark, they actually look darker in the pics to what they do in real life


at the end of the day, I wouldn't want anyone getting in trouble because of me :)

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