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West Yorkshire Meet March 6th

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Hey everyone,
As you may have seen we have been trying to organize a meet in West Yorkshire, have settled on Meeting at Richard Henry Motorsport and then going on to a pub. Set and tentative date of 
Thursday 6th of March meeting at about 530pm.
Richard Henry Autos Ltd.
Unit 5
Bowling Park Close

Tel: 01274 732508
E.Mail   Richardhenry@outlook.com
Who can do this date? Comment below so we can get numbers and I can talk to the guys at Richard Henry about it.

  • Pommy
  • Stanton500
  • BlackBOSH (Away In Kenya)
  • Fonzey
  • Interceptor11
  • D4 UEH  

Feel free to message with any questions.

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You can always come later. Coming down the non motorway isn't as bad normally. I do it for work in about half an hour. Or you can meet at pub? Don't want to start too late because Richard Henry's is staying late for us and close at 530.

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I understand mate but I'm coming from selby so the only real way for me to go would be m62 and m606 which would be !Removed!.

I may come to the pub but tbh it's a good 30 miles from my house in traffic so will probably be a no go but we'll see. Well done for organising though, Richard Henry are excellent.

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Fair enough mate. Assumed you were Leeds local. If this meet goes well I will probably try and set up more. At different times and days so we can get as many people as possible.

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Yeah we can definitely do that. But we can sort that out more later. Try and get this one done and organised and names and numbers first. Please comment here of available for 6th March.

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I can't see why it wouldn't be perfect location for it central too I think once get a few pictures up will help attract more. Like Ash in Sheffield think it could be another really good meeting. So I have to ask did you want to be a Regional Coordinator, can become one along with Stanton500 for your area :)  

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