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Welcome to our 2002 Forester

Tom Crabbe

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Never realised there was a community before. Hello to you all.

The third Forester has arrived in the drive and once again the dogs will have the ability to travel in comfort, safety and with a view.

The first was bought new in 1998 and almost died in a ghastly cambelt failure. Whilst waiting for that to be repaired, we bought a second hand replacement which was a "W" reg - very giddy stuff.

The "R" reg was sold to some people who sold it immediately to some other friends, who took the Subaru's robustness to mean it was the perfect vehicle for a ram-raiding jaunt. Apparently, or so the local police informed us, the Forester is the Tool of Choice for Ram Raiders!!

The "W" reg then died in the flood - thanks to a hidden, Network Rail steel shovel which had fallen from the railway bridge and then disappeared into two feet of water. The shovel dug in and ripped the plate and killed the engine in about two seconds.

So now we have gone Silver (the previous were all green) and have got a 2002 All Weather non turbo with 95k on the clock.

I'll bore you with my needs in other messages later, but for now, Hello!


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Wotcha and welcome Tom - we have quite a few Fozzy owners on here and the knowledge pool is building, feel free to have a browse and if you have some photos to share it stops me getting a headache with too much text :D

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Well at least you are kiling them in style, quite worthy deaths for both of them. Silver not a bad colour on these & do like the green but shows marks so easily that can make even a really clean 15 year old car look worse that it really is.

The all weather is a great buy for what you get in terms of equipment & all round practicality.

At 95K the engine is barely run in yet :-D with a bit of luck & sensible servicing & avoiding hidden shovels you & your dogs should enjoy a reliable and enjoyable future with the new chosen Forester.

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