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New regional co-ordinator

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Hi everyone,

As can be seen by the title I am the new regional co-ordinator for West Yorkshire.

I am a Mechanical and Automotive engineering student at the university of Bradford, and part time employee at River Island. The Subaru is the second car I have done my own work on so am fairly new at the practical stuff, however I have a good theoretical knowledge of what goes on within a car.

As I'm hoping most of you have seen by now me and stanton500 are in the process of organizing a local meet, hopefully this will be the first of many. I am planning on having regular meets in different places and at different times so people have a chance to come to as many as possible and see more places. I am also interested in starting some relationships with local businesses and potentially get some member discounts, although this is a long way off at the moment.

If there are any places that people want to go as a group or any local businesses that you are aware of or have a relationship please let me know so we can come and visit.

I will also try and plan some convoy's down to Car shows so if anyone is planning on going get in contact and I will try to organize something.


If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to message me, I am here to help you guys enjoy the S.O.C and life with a Subaru. I will do my best and am always open to ideas.


Thanks a lot.


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Congratulations mate to you an Stanton500 who also made Regional coordinator I can't see anyone who deserves it more than you two for your area be nice to see some group hugs going in the future with you guys and the Sheffield lot too make epic meetup that would :D 

but that is now down to you lot and Ash


Well I hope more appreciate the wonders of what a local meetup brings not just to a club but personally, and look forward to seeing some pictures of the meetups :D   

All the best i'm sure you will do the club proud 

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Didn't even see the thread .

I wouldn't even use tie, gambit, and club in the same sentence :-D

Seriously it's great to have been put forward to do this as like everyone is saying there's a fair few of us from yorkshire here so i'm looking forward to helping out when and where i can. Getting some regular meets going and generaly having some good banter.

And all the road works on the m1 were starting to get on me !Removed! :-) (only joking ash) the chaps from sheff are a good bunch too, the last meet we had there about 20 people turned up. So if we can get anything like those numbers and a nice home base (Richard henry looks perfect) well done to pomny for sorting that one :-) it's gonna be a good 2014

I've just become a dad so if i can't get to some places/dates thats my excuse haha

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Thats what you get from living out in the middle of east bumf**k :-)

Still you aee on 1st name terms with all the local animals.

I'm supprised there aren't more people from your neck of the woods to be fair ?

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I see a few now and again to wave too and know 4 people with them but 3 don't know how to use computers, and doubt meeting up would be their thing. And the other guy I've not seen for ages :( 

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