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New scooby , few niggles


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Right, Never owned a scooby before.


I have a 2002 bug eye WRX and a couple of questions.


When reversing, and you press the brake, there a clunk coming from the front somewhere, when going forward nothing.


also, the accelerating the turbo, does whoosh slightly just making sure this is normal.


Other than that I need a new disk on the rear but everything else seems fine. 


Just need a respray or wrap ,b ut want a cheap good job doing really if anyone knows anywhere in the Midlands.


cheers all


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it could be a number of things, top suspension mount worn, worn bush on the lower arms somewhere, possibly the differential settling with change of direction.


wrt the disc - I would replace them as a pair unless the other one is nearly new but, what I would ask is why there has not been even disc wear on both sides - it could indicate seized piston in the caliper which has caused the brake pad to be constantly dragging on the disc??

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The clunk could also be the brake pads moving, they will move upwards in the caliper when reversing and can make a klonk noise.

As Jay said replace both Discs at the same time.


As for the turbo they are not normally that noticable unless you have an induction kit fitted, then you can hear the air whoosing in to the system.


pretty sure a few others will be along with thier 2 pence :)

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ive had a few turbo cars, and you could hear them all slightly its not really bad i think tis coming from the dump valve to be honest.


there has been work done on a seized caliper so im going to replace both and pads and replace the front pads, all with Brembo pads and discs as they look more on the low side.

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