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how do all. new on here had my wrx wagon few months looking to start tuning.

already have backbox on and a catless downpipe on the way, what is the best way to release the power that the car has there but dosn't use?? seen a lot of people saying ebc and mbc to increase boost and others saying a remap and others saying openport software. what do you guys reccomend??


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Wotcha and welcome - if you have addressed the exhaust flow look at hi flow filters for the air on the way in then get it mapped to suit.


from then its looking at increased fuel supply, FMIC, larger turbo, uprated internals, flowed heads, uprated clutch, brakes and chassis components (bushes ARBs etc) and cooling system.


You could look at the handling side first and increase power to weight ratio by lowering the weight sorting brakes and suspension then with the same power you could be moving a lot quicker?

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It is already on kW variant 1 coilovers and has and updated k&n filter.

My biggest question is regarding the uppipe and how easy is it to change??


no problem then - fit the pipe and get it mapped

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