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mates motor's

savage bulldogs

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Just a bit of fun so feel free to post some pics /links of your mates motor's , don't have to be scoobs just something a bit different or generally cherished

There's a few links on worbs catalunyia

Watch "My self built 558bhp impreza, straight cut dog box whine" on YouTube

Private road footage

Watch "My 558bhp self built impreza" on YouTube

The acceleration was mental in that :-)

I'll post a few more as I find em

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There's a couple more vids of worbs's scoob on u tube but,otherwise I haven't got any more vids

few other pics though

pop's mk 2 golf 1800t , gt35 ,4wd,600+hp it should be on the road springtime


and his vr6 gt40 4x4 mk1 golf it's having a new ecu/ loom mods but once done should be pushing 700 bhp



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Awesome - just awesome - a bbq round your gaff must be testosterone overdose you are the chaps that put a dab of wd40 behind your ears after shaving :P

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Yeah I have quite a few petrol headed friends and I think we've probably kept the local Shell garage afloat during the recession .

my brv just picked up a 1960's mini yesterday running a 1300 metro engine , coilovers, simtec ecu ect .. I'll chuck some pics up when I get some ;-)

which is good news as he said he'll be braking his v1 sti , so I might have a few choice shiny scooby scraps and a new (older) mint Shell for my project

Surely some of you have mates motor's or second cars that are cherished get some pics up people's , they don't have to be scoobs or fire breathing sleepers just something shiny

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