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the 'camera club' I'm in have set a project to do a selfie picture including something that your interested in (so for me I'll do my car in my selfie pic)


so, off camera triggered flash on the centre console, camera on tripod with a HD filter to stop glare bounce back off windscreen Manual mode on camera nd manual focus too. aperture  f:2.8 ISO100 shutter speed 1/100.


Not easy as I had to do a 10sec shutter timer, to give me change to get in the car. the had to check to see if I was in focus. Even though I'd got the STi logo in focus on the seat, when I got in my head/face was a little bit in front of the focus point of the STi logo :(


the last picture of the night nailed it and I came in lol


slight miss focus on face but recovered by doing in B&W ;)




the last shot, I was more than happy with... apart from the subject matter was no George Clooney... more Martin Clunes ;)




without the muppet in the front seat... ;)

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Nice job mate. the BW one looks like you have been caught in the act in a dark car park ;)

And I have no idea about taking pictures with stopping lights bouncing back our anything. Best I can do is with my phone :D

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Haha you not seen my profile picture  :lol:

And with my 2 megapixel camera I doubt be as good as your's :) 

My mate does do photograph though he's pretty good 

Mainly weddings and you just reminded me I sorted his Central heating out for free and said just do me some pictures :D


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Congratulation mate. And there is nothing wrong with a Subaru for a family car at all. four door's AWD for safety babies love the sound helps them sleep in travel. And thats coming from someone who has 3 kids :D ones 15 and shes a ****** and the two boys 11 and 5. Yep I get bored every 5 years or so :D  

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i have a little one due in June, The mrs doesnt recommend my choice in family car. :)

She had no choice, had mx5 before so i told her, i needed something with a big boot, more seats and the ability to go anywhere in any weather.

Her only stipulation was 'it has to look safe and not too fast'

So glad the mises takes no interest in cars


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