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piccy of my daily drive


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here goes as promised pic of my daily driver .....mmm that didnt work have to get my daughter to upload for me bare with ..

its a 1994 import goes like stink im totaly addicted to this car as some of you may no i was not going to keep but how things grow on you .....

its kind of growing into a project now lol...but a happy one ...I have a few issues i need to sort out first ie were to start but im just going to go with the flow and try to enjoy each step along the way ....some of my ideas are 172  or  18" xxr wheels with some arches coilovers front splitter mine is cracked and scratched.....

some interior work maybe flocked dash retrim on door cards look tired and dirty in need of freshening up ........but thats nuff waffle for now i will get pics up here soon 

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here is a piccy of my scooby not very clean i will put some more up once its been cleaned ......number plate did read k scooby but i got £100 fine for it so had to remove it lol....anyway as promised more to follow soon  oohhh and i have made a decision on the look im going to go with so will share with you soon




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