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Engine model?

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Is yours a early classic ?

As all v1 wrxs and sti's had cdb's and tdo5's , it was (basically ) just forged internals , higher lift cams and a more aggressive map that separated the two .

Although a cdb is stronger it will only be as strong as the components it contains and therefore might be better off selling the knackered cdb on (for about £ 350) to recoup some £'s after you've fitted a replacement engine .

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Yes its an early classic 1992.. I want to fit a new engine into it, which one do I need? Wrx or sti?

and another thing I spoke to scoobyclinic and they told me if I change the head gasket ill have to rebuild the bottom end because 80% of the time after the gasket chance the bottom end knocks itself out?? I got quoted £2500+vat (engine reabuild) which is a bit steep to me

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Scoobyclinc seems to have built a bad reputation for things of late inc two members on here. I've never used them myself so don't speak from personal experience. But I've know that to be offered more for the 06 2.5 ltr engines when having the head gasket done, only advice I would give either MD Performance or Martin at Sheffield Subaru Services a ring Martins spot on and not much more of a drive. 

MD Performance might be a bit closer. 

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I've never seen the symptoms of a blown head gasket so can't say for sure , but it dose look like it's pressurising the water system to me.

as for which engine you need to replace it

has it been remapped ? (If your injectors are yellow then it probably has)

If not pop your passenger's foot carpet up ,remove the kick plate to reveal the ecu see what code is on it and google the code to find out which engine it's for ;-)

If you have got a mappable ecu id go for a v1 to v4 sti engine , put your shiny inlet and auxiliaries on it and get it remapped anyways

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That's a the correct ecu for a 92 wrx

The only way that could have been remapped would be if it had a esl daughter board fitted inside

If your injectors are grey (380 cc) then I'd say it was just a bog standard ecu running a standard map .Therefore any 92 to 96 wrx engine would run fine as although the maps are different on some wrxs the internals , cams and injectors are the same .

If I was in your situation id fit a 92 to 98 sti engine to your inlet/auxiliaries as you know they work and your inlet looks shiny .upgrade the injectors (to yellow 440's) and find a 4 plug pre 96 mappable ecu

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Thanks for the reply :) its got the yellow injectors In it.. all id have to do is get a wrx engine and put my auxiliaries/inlet amd that onto it?

whats the difference between the sti and wrx engine? Im on a really tight budget and need to get this car on the road

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Sorry I forgot I posted on this thread , is it sorted now ?

The main differences between the two are sti engines have higher lift cams and forged pistons. which means that their capable of reaching higher power at lower levels of boost and handle more power before they go bang .

Mechanically a v1 /v2 full engine (with it's inlet ) would drop straight in

a v3/v4 engine would require you to fit your water cross over piping, inlet and power steering pump . Cos the v3/4 have the turbo inlet pipe run under the inlet manifold .where as your v1/2 has a snorkel on the turbo and the turbo intake runs above the Inlet . the inlet bolt pattern changes from v5 onwards so basically v1 to v4 are compatible even though the inlets look different .

whichever route you take id pop the cover of your ecu to see if it has a esl board (which would make it mappable)

As I personally wouldn't run a engine to long without knowing it's fuelling correctly .

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