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Boot openning mechanism


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Slower struts, maybe get some from and estate car or hatch back as they will have more resistance thanks to the weight of the boots.

Might take some experimentation to find the best, too strong and it won't open at all.

Must admit I don't like classics with out a spoiler looks too much like the old Ford Frog faced Granada's.

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I believe BoozyDave is correct, no struts in sight which confused me. So I can just remove one of them? Should be easy enough.


And I have to admit a lot of people not a big fan of it without spoiler but I like it, looks different to all the ones running around Bradford, and should confuse a fair few people when I hit the throttle.

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If you look where the arm is that holds the boot lid, you will see a hinged bracket about 100mm long that holds the end of the bar. Move that first, then remove the bar, it will be easier to prop the boot open before you start. You may need to remove them both at first because they can get tangled together

I bet you will surprise a few people!

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