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Show us your engine bays


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As in title pics of engine bays I thought that you could keep this thread going ,come on eveybody start cleaning your bays

Could you put. What car you got ,and what products you use to clean your engine please and if you want mods etc that you have done and any recommendations you have on engine detailing plz.

Subaru impreza wrx 2002 ,I'm using gunk spray at the mo ,I don't think it's that good ,no modifications yet totally standard.i want it like brand new


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Got distracted looking for pics for the bodypaint thread :)


Products used:

R222 Total auto wash (Non-toxic)  & 303 Aerospace Protectant







Shop around can be got cheaper than links



R222 Total auto wash. 1. apply this liberally to your engine compartment, ensuring anything sensitive to liquid is covered obviously (cone air filters etc) -

Leave for 5 mins after spraying (do not allow to dry) then agitate with a brush/sponge etc while removing with a light water spray.

2. Leave engine bay to dry, or dry manually with a soft cloth.



303 Aerospace Protectant
3. Apply this liberally to all surfaces within the engine bay, plastics, metals, the lot -
Allow to dry - 1-4 hours. Ignore what the product labelling says about wiping on with a cloth and polishing off...just spray ensuring a good coverage and leave.

4. Cup of tea.

5. remove any overspray on non-engine bay paintwork, or windscreen with a soft cloth.

6. Another Cup of tea cos you're done.

Start with a warm engine as it helps the 303 to dry quicker.
Try not to get too much oversrpay on exterior paint, as it will remove most polish systems also. Won't harm the paint though.


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I used auto glym machine cleaner when stripping my engine down and used a dremmel with a light wire brush /autosol on the ally .

Could do with something to keep it clean as having a scoop with no tmic just seems to blow !Removed! on yer shiny bits :-(

Pete does that protector stuff keep ally clean as well ?

Nice work on the bays as well fellas

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Don't think it had been cleaned in at least ten years before I bought her. Leaves and twigs everywhere. So just cleaned the grime of all the bottles and leads hoovered up all the loos bits I can get to. Then as and when stuff gets removed or replaced I'll vcean & polish.

Not thought of a scoop delete kit sav ?

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I did think about fitting a sport bonnet ( for added stealth) but like seeing the scoop to much .plus it does help with cooling under bonnet temps so I might just fit some tight weave mesh under the scoop to stop some of the !Removed! .

It's mainly the fmic pipework that gets water stained and autosol doesn't stop that :-(

Here's a pick of mine anyways ;-)


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Pete does that protector stuff keep ally clean as well ?

Don't think so all the bumph doesn't mention ally, just plastics vinyl and rubber.

A quick look on detailingworld.co.uk throws up brilliant polishes three part kit for alloy wheels that works just as well on tanks etc.


£20 it's worth a punt.

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Something appears to be missing [emoji16]

Do we get an accompanying engine as of how it looks today 'money shot' ?

Sav I got fed up of trying to find one for the foz so just stuffed a classic one on instead, I wsd toying of making one but just don't have the time

Sent from my SM-T210

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Tlag thats how my fto looked last year lol stupid thing is asoon as it was back together I sold it lol, some nice bay's tere ,sav yours is amazing something I'll have to aim for in the future thinking of going front mount myself ,I'll be looking into these cleaning products ,been cleaning the bay again today I'll put another pic up soon when I'm done lol ,come on everyone keep them coming ,get out there get them engines gleaming lol lol ..........

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tlag was right it's a gauge for a fpr ;-)

Tbo I don't really use it as my 550cc injectors are nowhere near maxed so im still running standard fuel pressure.


thanks for that link bud as you said worth a punt for a score :-)


thanks for the comments , I never intended on painting anything when I built the engine. I got bored waiting for the engineer to finish the machine work and picked up the powder coated inlet for £30 (bargain) which made everything else look "a bit ropey" and it sort of snowballed from there :-D

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ok guys and girls, as the title say lets see them engine bays, don't be shy, if its dirty, clean, show stopper or half finished lets have a look, we all show are cars off but not much showing of the bays. here is mine to start 08 wrx hatch,bit dirty and just started painting some parts blue, got lots ideas for it so much more to come.

engine bay.jpg


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