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Supermarket dings


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Well miffed.

Not even had it 24 hours and had to go to a local supermarket. Parked in the middle of nowhere so no one would be near me. Came out and there is a dent in the rear passenger door where some cretin has slammed their door open on it!! No cctv so nothing i can do about it! Why do people not give a toss anymore about where they open their doors. No damage to the paint so not sure if a dent master place can get it out.

Annoying is not the word i would use!



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This is at the front of the back door so hopefully they could get it out. Really annoying though. In my old frontera people parked as far from it as possible lol but that might have been the mud and big wheels lol

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Yep !Removed! annoys me I had someone do it to me in a mother and baby spot front wing. I was lucky enough to push it out. and yes my son was 3 years old at the time, and was with me I wouldn't park in them spot's if I don't have kids  with me. 

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