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WTB: Impreza GC8 Recirculation valve


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I got a Subaru Forester SF5 that is running 18 psi and i need a new recirculation valve, since it got the stock double chambered valve design that bleeds boost..

The valve i need looks like this since i have a new Impreza gc8 S201 TMIC fitted:


Price + shipping can be discussed. I live in Norway and i cant seem to find one in my local area or Ebay.. PM me or message me here if you got one laying around.


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If you cannot find a oe replacement forge do a v5/v6 recirculation valve which looks the same .


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Really hard to find those valves, so it looks like i have to buy an aftermarket replacement..

Do you know if the Impreza V5 Piston Valve will be able to handle 17-22 psi boost?:


Thanks for your help. :) 


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Unsure about the v5 oe type but, the oe recirculation valve on my v3 ran fine @ 20 psi .

I'd imagine that the forge piston type would handle more boost than a oe diaphragm type .

Mabye drop them a email to confirm what psi their rated to ;-)

I did, but they didn't confirm how much PSI it handles. I guess it will handle it if they didnt write anything.

By the way, someone locally here got a 2003 impreza blobeye recirc. Will it fit my TMIC?

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Have you tried cross referencing the valve and gasket part numbers .

I personally don't know enough about the later recirc valves to know if there the same

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Good idea.

They have a different part number and they look different in width.

GC8 = 21896AA050


GD8 = 21896AA072


Might be able to fit it IF they got the same bolt pattern, but i couldn't find any descriptions of that.

EDIT: I got this answer from Luke @ Importcarparts.co.uk:

"You cannot put a GDB Recirc valve on a classis as the hole in the intercooler doesn’t line up with the hole on the valve and it ends up sucking air in from atmosphere"

I have just ordered a Forge Motorsport V5 Recirc Valve. Mods can close this thread now.

Dan @ Dcperformance said this regarding max PSI:

"Out the box they go up to 26 psi, and you can  go to the red spring which is around 35 psi"

Thanks for the help everyone. :)

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