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Exact model ??


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Hi everyone,

I have recently purchased a 1997 version 3 WRX STI impreza type R. 2 door. Gc8d2dd.

It has the 555 seats but what I want to know is, is my car actually 1 of only 555?

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Hi, thanks for your reply. It's sonic blue 74f. No it doesn't have the plaque nor the commemorative badge on boot. This is why I'm confused. It's deffo not a p1 as it's imported from japan. And chin spoiler etc etc is different. It has the dccd. I really want it to be a special one but there's so many different imprezas out there!! I just wanna exactly what it is I have parked outside :)

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+1 for 555's being darker blue and having a plaque/boot sticker .

Don't think I've seen a 2door 555 all the 555's I've seen have been saloons (might have seen a wagon with the graphics but unsure if it was a true 555).

I think most type r's had dccd .

V3 sti type r's are a lovely motor anyways and in most people's eyes it will be a bit special ......

Ahmm pics pls [emoji4]

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3rd that was darker  and also think it was a 4 door we have a member on here with one. Didn't it have a special set of alloy's too like the prodrive do ?


I will have a look for the picture of the 555 on here he helped Hails with her wedding car :)


long time ago being sold 



And Hails photos

with a 555 on it 


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Hi everyone and thank you for your replies.

The paint code is 74f which I thought was sonic blue

but I could be wrong!

The car is imported from japan so it's not a p1

as shown in the picture from new era.

I believe it was the first of the 2 doors...It has the 555

seats with the red shoulder pieces. But no other 555

markings. I will try and upload some pictures!

Thanks for your help guys, either way she is LOVELY

to drive :)

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I must admit from the picture she does look lovely and a worthy buy I do like the 2 doors been tempted for a few years to get one myself and do the hole 22b look  


From a quick look it does show that that code was used on the 555 also on the P1's but there can be different versions in colour 

The Jap 555 car I've seen use a colour code 53c but that might be just because of the year and is also a 4 door with the main code on the vin GC8C4ED so almost the same as your's I know I've put a Japaneses description thing somewhere I will look for it   :)



09/96 - 08/97

Model of Impreza

WRX type R STi Version

Applied Model


Option Codes


Engine type


Power (PS)


Shift type


Transmission Type



First 2 door coupe




Year Color/Code Introduced.
Light Silver 406
Blade Silver 262
Feather White 230
Black Mica 47A
Deep Green 307
Deep Blue 331
Medium Grey Metallic 217
Glacier White 230
Slate Gray Metallic 49B/943
Black Pearl 952/052
Light Green 56B
Medium Grey Metallic 217
Glacier White 230
Carmine Pearl 309
Blue Green Metallic 340
Dark Blue Mica 52D
Flamy Red 936/336
Carmine Pearl 340
Caribbean Green Metallic 43B
Cobalt Blue Metallic 331
Reddish Blue 65c
Dark Blue Pearl 416
Brilliant Red 559
Sonic Blue 74F
Light Silver Metallic 406
Black Mica Pearl 47A
Blue Metallic 66C
New 555 Blue Pearl 74F
Royal Silver Metallic 792
Blue Steel Metallic 86F
Red Mica Pearl 82F
Pure or Aspen White 51E
Titanium Pearl 89N
Ruby Pearl 947
Sedona Red Pearl 94H
Red Mica 94H
Blue Ridge Pearl Metallic 95H
Deep Blue Mica 95H
Dark Blue Pearl 416
Deep Green Metallic 307
Green Metallic 64C
W R Blue 02C
Midnight Black 08V
Blue Black Mica 08V
Blaze Yellow 797
Platinum Silver Metallic 01G
Premium Silver 01G
Black Mica Pearl 47A
Sonic Yellow 13V
Ice Blue 23G
Java Black Metallic 18L
San Remo Red 22G
Bright Red 22G
Steel Gray Metallic 26D
Savanna Green Metallic 07V
Obsidian Black Metallic 32J
Regal Blue Pearl 35J
Aqua Blue Metallic 47W
Crystal Gray Metallic 48W
Evergreen Matallic 55M
Satin White Pearl 37J
Garnet Red Pearl 33J
Newport Blue 64Z
Urban Grey Matallic 45A

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