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Is this spec good?


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So picked up the parts for the scoob today and was chatting with the guy for a while, showed me around his lockup and his huge huge list of spares that he has. Then he showed me some of the motors that he has...

He originally bought a pre-facelift Classic Wagon WRX in green that was running quite high power, around 400bhp. Then he bought a facelift Classic Wagon which is spotless so his dropped in components from the green Wagon into the red and vice versa, his just sent me the spec list tonight of what the green one will have that's from the red one. It's as follows :)

TD04 turbo.

Aftermarket 2.5 system with decat.

Aftermarket air filter.

Bigger injectors.

Stage 2 clutch.

STI gearbox and diff.

Uprated front discs.

Pod with 3 gauges.

Bailey dump valve.

Now that's all that he knows without looking at the paperwork. Would I be mad to be tempted by it? He wants £800 for it once his fixed a weepy oil gasket leak and fitted new belts plus comes with R900 OBY as it's reg plate :)

This will be a stopgap until I can get the Wagon I want next year anyway :)

Also any ruff ideas on what it should be running with that list?

Cheers as always :)

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