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Noise under acceleration


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I am on my second Forester but have a problem that has stumped both myself and a couple of mechanics. I will put events in chronological in order to give as much information as possible as an overview.


Current vehicle is a 2005 Forester X with 48,000 miles on the clock, FSH. I had the timing belt changed at 42,000 mls In the last two months I have had the anti roll bar drop links replaced, a new tyre, new front discs and pads, an MOT with no problems. About three weeks ago I thought I could hear a chatter when I backed off the throttle after acceleration. The noise is still there, it is not getting any louder, and only occurs when you take your foot off the throttle and then reapply the gas. I have had it to two mechanics who have both checked all the obvious sites that a loose component might occur,heatshield etc. I undertake a 300 mile journey last week and the noise was still there but only when the throttle was backed off and then reapplied. This morning I got it back from my mechanic who I have used for many years. He had it on the rolling road, checked the drive shaft etc etc. it was taken out by two mechanics who both reported they thought it was fine except for some excessive road noise. My mechanic said it was most definitely not a fault with the engine or the drive train, and actually stated that he thought it was one of the sweetest sounding Subarus he had come across.


I am convinced that the noise was not there a couple of weeks ago. I know Foresters are noted for excessive noise but on this ocassion I do not think that that is the cause. I would appreciate any help or advice, however bizarre. Many thanks in advance.


Just a bit of an add on, I have just been for a drive and noticed that driving between hedgerows the noise disappered. I stopped the car and blipped the engine and noticed that there was a slight blowing sound from the exhaust. Is it possible this could be the culprit?

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Heat shields on the exhaust is the norm for noises & can be hard track down as come and go in early stages & temps & exact load all play vital roles & are hard to replicate when inspecting.

I have had problems pin-pointing exact exhaust shield area even when know it at fault via test drive.

As your mechanic seems good & car mileage/servicing good I very much doubt it anything else, but that is just based on your post & my experience with subarus & foresters.

Exhaust inspection would be worth revisiting as would giving it a month or so for you to log issue & perhaps gain more info to make diagnosis easier ...

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Thank you for your replies. I have been out a couple of times over the weekend and there is a definite blowing noise from the exhaust once you roll the throttle off.I have read that Foresters do not have particularly good sound insulation, so maybe if it ws only a slight leak it might sound worse than it is. In relation to the heat shield my mechanic caters mostly for 4x4s and tested the heat shield as one of his first checks, but I realise that that does not eliminate as the cause. I am taking into the local exhaust centre tomorrow with fingers crossed. I will post if it is successful.

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Could indeed be a leak, have done a few though that sound like a slight blow but turn out be exhaust shield resonating.

Hopefully easy found & sensible price fix. Good luck ...

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