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re map newbie help needed


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Evening guys, I have a 2008 sti, and want to improve the speed and performance, and seems that a remap is the way forward.
I'm a little scared to get it remapped incase the engine goes !Removed! up, it's currently done 65000 miles, like everyone has experienced I driven it for around 5 weeks and it felt rapid, now it's seems slow, basically we all want to go faster.

Can you give me plus and minus on remaps.

I have used zen to check over the car and would rather go to them if I decide that a remap is the way forward

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Plus, more power, Better economy more torque.

Depending on what software you go for switchable maps for different grade fuel safer running, launch controll anti lag,flat foot shifting..

Downside inital outlay, spending more on fuel as you always want more lol

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Stanton has it covered nicely there - your motor is probably one of the 300bhp model - If that is the case I would look to do the full Type UK / Prodrive mod which is an uprated fuel pump, sports back box and high flow panel filter as well as the remap. This should get you a reliable 330 - 350 bhp.


From a cost perspective you may find you could get a cat back system for similar money to the Prodrive back box

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