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Not so Prodrive :(


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Well things aren't looking good, my brother in law was told that the Subaru is Prodrive.... (Y pipe, ECU, Exhaust, Spoiler, Mud flaps). Seemed like this was legit because it has the spoiler and mud flaps in plain view. The exhaust however had been changed to an aftermarket stainless one but we have put the prodrive back box on again.


The Y pipe is there BUT it isn't the Prodrive one. It's some other aftermarket Y pipe. So I then started doubting the ECU so as we are quiet at work I took a quick look and this is what I found:




This isn't Prodrive is it? Don't know much about how you can tell what the ECU is.


It's confusing though because it has "BHP Developments" on the back and there is a business card for some ECU tuning company but that doesn't mean much. I was bothered about tampering with a Prodrive car but seeing as it's not officially one then I may as well just go and take it to 300bhp :P

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