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Steves 05 Outback 3 litre H6

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This is my 4th Outback, all 2nd hand....started with a 98 in the nice metalic red with grey cladding, arches, skirts and bumpers. Then a 200 model in green with the same grey cladding etc. Then a 2004 in a similar green, not sure what the exact name for the colours are. All 2.5 flat fours and all just as bomb-proof  :D

Now ive gone for the H6 3litre, all one colour with relly good spec, mind you they are all well apointed with leather, cruise etc.

This one has the built in Kenwood nav system.






I`m going to get the paintwork minted up in a few weeks, its not bad by any means but the car needs to look in its Sunday best  :D

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Thought I would post this sexy picture!




Go on.....you know you want to and no-ones looking  :rolleyes:



And you could eat your dinner off it!

Very nice should have a look at Boots car he's had that Hydro dipped in carbon looks amazing 


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Now the new bumper is on it looks like its self again :)




And  the "OUTBACK" decals for the front seats, I think they look good. The 200 OB I had did have "OUTBACK" stitched in the leather front seats but was very hard to see.


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No idea exactly what he did, the same lad who sprayed the new bumper, I just asked him if he knew anyone who could get the paintwork looking mint, with it being black it shows all the wee scratches, and there was a fairly deep scratch on the bonnet where I caught it with the power-wash wand......that`s completely gone and all the swirly ones where it looks like flies have been ice-skating on it.  Cost me £80.00. 

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A dog ran out and collided with me believe it or not, a frigging big fat Airedale. I must have been doing 40 ish and had no time to even brake. Cracked the bumper and smashed the windscreen washer bottle which is under the wing, that cost me about 60 quid for the bottle and I got the bumper (used) from Ebay £75.00. and about £150 to spray and fit.

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Unfortunately it was deaded on impact!  :(  I didn`t take the owners details either, as we were both in shock I just gave her my business card and said call me when you feel like it, after all I had just murdered her baby. 10 months later and still no call. Its just been gaffer-taped up ever since....professionally obviously  :lol:

Total cost to put right has been around £300.00

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