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Turbo upgrade

Rick 2014

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The injectors might well be big enough but the oe fueling map won't be set up for the extra air flow created by the decat and bigger turbo .

Although the standard ecu will learn and make minor changes to the map you won't get the full benefit from the upgrades and might run lean until the fueling and timing has been tweeked.

If you haven't got the £'s for a remap straight away I'd suggest to get it on a dyno to make sure it's not det'ing .

As a £50 dyno run is a lot cheaper than a engine rebuild .

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Sounds like a plan.I do want the remap.But I have not finished with engine mods and don't want to be in and out tweaking the map every 5 minutes especialy at the cost to have it done.I will have a dyno run and get the afrs checked to be safe thou.Ive been reading bits about the ecu lab map and seems quiet interesting going mafless with the extra toys as well.

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How much do you want to spend ? Normally fuel pump, injectors, turbo, map,

Other things to take into consideration how much power do you want? Front mount intercooler, needed for more than 300bhp. More than 350 new box/clutch, bigger brakes etc the list is endless

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