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2015 WRX STI on order

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Well just thought I'd join up and say hello, I'm Phil, I'm 34 and I am sitting waiting for my 2015 WRX STI in WR Blue to arrive in the UK in October.


Always promised myself I'd have a Scooby since I left school and as I'm got a company BMW, a Toyota Celica GT-Four and a Beach Buggy and my partner has just moved in I apparently have to get rid of some cars so the BMW and the GT-Four are going and I need something in the middle for business and fun, hence the deposit is down on #248 of 250 coming to the UK arriving in October (no idea if that's the full run)


Now panicking it's going to cost me way more than I budgeted but as the company is giving me half the money I thought "What the hell!". So you'll see me lurking around here anxious for the cars arrival picking up anything anyone can tell me about the new car I haven't seen in all the youtube videos and test drives.


All the best,




P.S. If anyone is near Cambridge and wants to try one the nice salesman at Subaru Cambridge will chuck you the keys and let you borrow their demo car which is for sale.

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Hi mate

Welcome to the club

The new sti is an awesome machine. Scoobyclinic have bought one and they are trying out different mods on it. With just a remap it only gained about 15bhp, but With a sports cat and full miltek exhaust and a custom remap I think it made 340bhp, but there is over 100lb torque extra in midrange. The limiting item is the turbo.

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

I love the new STI the more I see it the better it looks to my eyes :) So pretty jealous. Well apparently Subaru have a remap already for owners that can bump it to 360BHP after the run in period but voids the warranty after 340. :)  

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but the 360bhp map strangely doesn't have any RR graphs to prove........


Pat at the clinic is one of the best mapper's, if he can't get more than 340ish with a custom remap, I can't see how a generic remap by subaru can


the full scoobyclinic thread has all the details http://www.ukscoobies.com/t8560-2015-performance-pack-1-underway

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