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Screamer pipe ?

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alright folks had a search around but didn't come up with results apart from a car with one on it,


i have got my full 2.5 inch system with a decatted down pipe sitting there for my car and was wondering has anyone modified the down pipe to run a screamer pipe and could describe to me how and what dimensions to use ? or will i need to buy a separate down pipe with screamer pipe already attached ?


i have just had a look on youtube and it has made me want one for my car anyone have any experience with this ? any information would be great cheers



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I presume youd have to buy a new downpipe, my understanding is that instead of the wastegate dumping all the excess into the downpipe it vents it externally ?

Hence the two pipes on the downpipe, i think somome said they aren't strictly legal as they are a vent to atmosphere device.

Still sound good though :-D

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Ahh ok thanks for the replies guys I think I will buy a new down pipe and just change them when I want it on n vise versa, a friend had one on his supra and it sounded out standing thats the only reason I want one and had a quick look around youtube too there isnt many classics with them fitted but I dont know if that is a bad thing or a good thing lol will need to look into it a little further because my understanding was if I put a spacer onto my down pipe with a pipe running paralell and welded into the down pipe and the spacer mounted onto the down pipe so it fits as a recess behind the turbo seperating the turbine and the waste gate and that would give me the desired effect lol will research it a little further thanks for the help

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