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Forester load cover

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Will the rear load cover from a 2003 forester fit my 2005 forester?.




Not sure whether foresters from those years are the same or different.



The seller says that he thinks it will but if I buy it it will be at my risk.




The cover is too far away for me to go and check so it would have to be delivered.






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One I have is 2003 to 2008 forester model range, light grey, fully working & as far as I recall close to new condition really.

Would have to get it out & look to report accurately plus do some photos.

I'm pretty busy too at moment so doubt I will be able organise that till middle of week. I would want £90 inc of P&P, shipping not cheapest due to length being too much for super cheap deals.

                                              ... SOLD ...

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@ Ganbit

Any rules on selling on here !

Don't really deal with selling via forums so not up to speed on it, just want make sure following the rules/guidelines roughly :-)

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@ Silver Forester 2.5 XT .

You can download PDF HERE with some images & brief report.

If not interested no bother, if interested pm me ... thanks .

                                   ... SOLD ...

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Thanks Mr B but I will have to leave the Load Cover for now.




The Forester XT has developed a strange " tinny rattling type noise "  when accelerating and under load once the engine is warm so need to sort that out first before the holidays


The noise only occurs when accelerating,  even under gentle acceleration and the sound seems increase in terms of frequency and level in relation with the speed.


When  cruising along the sound is not there but as soon as I touch the accelerator it starts.





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Thanks for the replies.



Hopefully tomorrow, weather and time permitting, I will remove the under tray and take a look at the exhaust heat shields and report back , no doubt, knowing my luck the bolts will be siezed.




Has anyone produced a " how to guide with photos " for removing and repairing the heat shields?.




Apart from the annoying noise will this be likely to cause any damage if I cannot check and repair it soon?.

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Well if indeed heat shields it not going damage anything if left.

I have had a fair amount that come off easily even when nuts look awful due high grade of fastener used.

Best thing to do is once the plastic nappy off get car warmed up so noise can be produced by blipping throttle, then while accomplice is working the throttle try pinpoint source of noise & use a screwdriver to push shields around/wedge in gaps to find the offending one.

Generally heat wrap ribbon or stainless wire wool (borrow some from the wife's sink cupboard ;-) ) can be used yo pack out the c-clamp brackets on shields.

sometimes spot welding front Y section shields to adjoining shield is only way to fully cure.

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