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boost controller


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Don't know how to fit them but, I think they're good as long as you get them set up with a map to suit .

As the fuelling can be set up for max boost and you can always turn the boost down for every day driving [emoji6]

And of cause back up again for the weekend [emoji16][emoji12]

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be better just getting an open source remap, as if you get it wrong or it boost spikes kiss goodbye to the engine, Greddy or no greddy they all work on the same principle of a Diaphram which will wear, soneone i know fitted a greey to his Pulsar 6 miles it did and he kissed his Head, pistons and turbo good bye due to it being faulty.


May as well do it right mate. open source your looking around 400-650 depending on the mapper and for that witht he right mods you will get 270-280

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