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Bottom Ball Joint.

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Have Just Put one new Bottom Front Ball joint On Front Strut With Great Difficultly.

1st The Bolt Which Holds Main body Of The Joint Into The Housing Would Not Come Out And Eventually Snapped And I Had To Drill It Out.

After I Got This Cleared The Joint Refused To Come Out (workshop Manual says just remove it.)

I Had To Resort To Brute Force and hammer and chisel to shift it and in the end it Gave up and then 

it all went back together ok.

As I Need To Do The Other Side I Wondered If Anyone Knows A Better Way To Do It.

Many thanks John.

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as for the bolt as posted by Tlag use lots of penetrated oil.


do you use a ball joint tool? if so when putting tension on the bold of the tool tap on the side of the housing and with some luck it pops out after keep putting more momentum on the bolt


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Managed To Do Other Side Yesterday. It Was  Harder Than The Other Side And Disconnected Trackrod And Link And Then Drive Shaft Came Out Of Diff By Rubber Boot Becoming Detached. Anyway Got It All Back Together So Now Got 2 new Bottom Ball Joints And 2 new Trackrod Ends. Thanks For Your Replys.

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