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1994 black v1 turbo wrx


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looking for £1000  minimum  car  hagot nomber plate k900 0BY black with gold wheels got a few new parts like fuel pump and new fuel filter braided hoses ...front mount incooler new plugs two brand new tyres but two will need changing soon....shocks are tired but not to bad does not smoke at all car is fine and reliable body is rust free

please note car in canterbury kent my mobile 07717195450 

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i will put a couple pics on today got lots of receipts from gear knob to timming belt to tyres and loads more car is reliable but if you boost hard like a maniac sometimes it will feel like the brakeslam on for a second.........i have been in contact with the jolly green monster and simon told me after a long discution that it is the coil pack breaking down ...but car is ok to drive normal it does boost but if you go in maniac stig mode then that is when coil pack plays up....will add pics and i am not asking a lot of money i recently turned down £1750 on eBay but i am reflecting the mot due mid august and two tyres will be needed in near future car has turbo timer alarm gauges great fun car . i am not out to rip nobody off the car is great i can not find the rear fog light i put on for last mot if i find it i will put in the boot.......please i will not drop below £1000 it is a steal at that price


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