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Would this one fit on a WRX 97?

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Think you'll have to extend the o2 sensor wires due to the boss being lower down .

also it won't spool as early as a bell mouth/snake head type due to the wastegate side being blanked off .

Here's a pic of my snake head decat downpipe with a divorced wastegate (flap between wastegate and turbo )post-1399-14071728961_thumb.jpg

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Thanks! Yeah, I cancel the purchase... the people from the eBay e-shop told me that it was designed specially for the Impreza 5 and 6... where did you bought your bullgdog? ;) looks quite nice to have the wastegate with a decent space... ;)


Wondering why the HKS one doesnt have it... 

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I searched eBay for about 4 months till one popped up, emailed the seller and "bought it now" instead of bidding cos it had 36 watchers[emoji6]

Not sure why the hks isn't bell mouth mabey it helps the smaller turbos back pressure .

It would've obviously been less restrictive than the catted oe downpipe and they both have the same flat flange design.

I fitted a cobra sports cat which was bell mouth and could hear the spool difference .

Pic of oe vs cobra


I haven't been able to find any supporting info to say whether bell mouth or divorced wastegate performs better .

hence why I snapped up the cusco as it's snake head with a divorced wastegate (best of both worlds) and the only one I've seen .

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I have seen some time ago, that there were some down pipes with the wastegate and the normal turbo "out" separated by a pice of metal in order to "dont mix the gases to get rid of them even faster... also could produce some flames (?) xD

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I think most divorced downpipes have 2 pipes with 2 holes in a solid turbo outlet flange, instead of the flap with a open mouth turbo outlet flange .

I think divorced ones are supposed to stop the wastegate gasses causing turbulence to the hotside turbine .

But open mouth type with 1 pipe might help spool [emoji15]

So fook knows which is best cos can't find any back to back test results [emoji4]

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