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WRX-S remapped


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Had my WRX-S (hatchback) remapped at Pole Position today by Andrew Carr. Top bloke, took his time, drove the car and checked everything was spot on before and after.

Pulls really nice now, plus the car used to have a slight hesitation low down in the rev range, but that's now gone. It's smooth and crisp now. I have no other mods (except a Cosworth panel filter which they fitted for me today too), aside that I have the stock prodrive exhaust set up that comes with the WRX-S, so the cars not silly fast, but the extra grunt is definitely noticeable. I would strongly recommend to anyone who has the same model - It goes as fast as it looks now, and much smoother power delivery!

Would defo recommend Andrew and Pole Position (Willenhall), all know their stuff!

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Cheers Pete, yeah I am pleased with it, just so much nicer to drive now! Really highlighted how crap the standard map was. Had to travel down to Gloucester with work today, was great on the motorway much stronger overtaking power.

It's been mapped for 97+ Ron, but I already use that religiously anyway. Its not been on the rollers so I couldn't tell you exact figures. Andrew said (and don't quote me on this in case I misheard anything he said!) the standard boost was 0.9 which he's increased to 1.1. The standard figures are 255bhp and 288lb-ft, so I'm now maybe around the 275bhp and 320lb-ft. Bearing in mind it's the stock exhaust so I certainly wouldn't expecting to be making more than that.

As I say, the extra power, whatever that may be, is almost an added bonus, it was worth it just for the smoother/stronger power delivery. As I said in original post, anyone who has this model seriously needs to consider a remap. I really struggled to find information on the WRX-S, so thought this may be useful info for fellow owners.

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Nice , was this open source or did you use ecutek ? shame he didn't tell you what power he thinks it makes , I remember martyn said to me it's roughly for every gram of air per minute or second going through the maf equates to 1 hp so , 400g of air would equal 400 hp

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